Mainstream? Never!

Recently, I’ve received a lot of emails asking me what my personal sense of style is, so I thought I would respond by giving the least complicated explanation possible. I should interject that because of my travels I have a tendency to mix and match a lot of ethnic elements, making it difficult to label my style because one day I’ll look like a hippie, the next day like a boy and the next day like a girly-girl and on some days you’d prefer me to stay indoors. You know those days where even your hair has to argue with you?

Five minutes and I’ve got an outfit picked out!

If I were to describe my sense of style I would hopefully be able to say it’s a mix of girly-girl meets boho-chic. I pride myself in picking items that are different to wear, even at the risk of getting some odd stares and shaking heads. (I Had a hot pink-legwarmer incident last winter).My take: Who cares! I admit, I do admire those women that put themselves together so beautifully with their perfectly groomed hair, nails and outfits. No matter how much I try I can never quite get that look; I’m happy if I get a chance to use a blow-dryer. I’ve never planned outfits and pretty much run in my closet and put a look together in five minutes, but hey, it works! Bad hair day? No problem, I just grab a headscarf! Ta-da! I once wore a very pretty silk bathrobe as a dress and got the most compliments, it was definitely a fashion moment because it’s easy to fall into the cliché of what should be worn and where, but once you discard those boring rules you’ll wind up having as much fun with your wardrobe as I do. It’s just about having a good eye to pick the right pieces that suit you, even if it’s your gorgeous bathrobe.

Mini-lesson: Have fun! It’s only fashion.

Inspiring quote: Good accessories go a long way!

Motto: If it’s bright, I’ll wear it!

Some fun fall pieces!

Definitely a conversation piece, plus it holds a lot of the really important things like chocolate.

The more colourful, the better!

  • Ms. R

    love the photography in this one – gorgeous! (like you!!)
    Mwwwahhh! ????

  • Ms. R

    PS html just converted my kiss emoji into a series of question marks!!

  • Minelle Mir

    Lol. Thank-you gorgeous!