Queen of my heart.

Shoe of the month! Not only are these capable of making me feel tall (challenges of the vertically impeded) they’re bewilderingly comfortable. What I love most is that they are not identical, heart and spade – unique and quirky! Just how I like my stilettos.

I couldn’t help but put WonderWoman on the polaroid of the shoe.* Sometimes I’m like a little girl that gets super excited with the smallest of things. This is now my new screensaver.

*The shoes came with two polaroids- useful for identifying what’s in the box for all those stiletto diva’s out there. How clever!

  • Carolina

    Oh my Fashion Goddess! They are fabulous, I definetely need a pair <3
    Charlotte is a genius!
    Xxx my sweetheart



  • A.

    Beautiful heels. As always you have impeccable taste! Vertically impeded is irrelevant, as long as you have innate style and can inspire others as you successfully do. Cheers!

  • Nice shoes…nice touch about the polaroids for organizing your shoes….wonder woman.