Anna Dello Russo.

When I heard that Anna Dello Russo was collaborating with H&M I got excited. Super excited! Being the editor at large for Japanese Vogue and having spent eighteen years at Condé Nast Italia, she states that she has worked seriously for twenty-five years and this was a fun designing adventure for her. A new market, a new generation and a challenge.

The inspiration for this collection is reflective of her personal style and fashion philosophy. Provocative, having fun with fashion, non-conformist and not to be afraid of what people think about you. My style philosophy exactly. Yay Anna!

I happily got up ridiculously early to wait, yes wait, for the doors to open and get my hands on some of the gorgeous pieces that she had designed. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, even though I was really dying to. Confession: I have never been to any H&M collaborations before, my friends scared me telling me that it was madness. Thankfully, with respect to the location I chose it wasn’t that bad at all. Mayhem yes, but not that bad. The displays were magnificent – a real oooh-aaaah kind of extravagant. The packing was opulent and well thought out, meaning you could never throw out the pretty boxes and considerate velvety interiors. What I loved was that the designs were really out of the box – conversation pieces! Everything was very gold, quirky and very well made. Ok, I’ll stop and just let you see the pictures.

My Fave piece: The Snake necklace.