What the F-Forward?

One upon a time a girl went on a date. The date went swimmingly, in fact by the end of the evening the emotions were full of high tides and both boy and girl were diving in the deep. There was passion, volatility, admiration and wow, even a life- boat of intelligence. How in the deep ocean could this all be? The next date rolls-in and boy really likes girl, and girl really fancies boy. The evening is even more dazzling than the last, leaving both boy and girl wondering just where to go from there. The dingy is floating off in the horizon and both realize that being stranded in a sea of some sort of ardor is rather premature. Boy doesn’t even know what flavor of ice-cream girl likes or if she’s lactose intolerant.

When did it become ok to accelerate feelings and jump on the Love boat when you don’t even know where your destination is? Ok, so I get it, I really do, for all you hardcore romantics, its rare to find a person that pretty much checks off all the little boxes on your list of the perfect mate and who possesses an undeniable chemistry with you. Here’s the thing, if the chemistry is there, its not going to go anywhere! Slow it down. Take your time. Now, I’m no relationship expert but I will say that if you hit the fast forward button on love and emotions you’re going to miss out on all the fun bits that compose a really nice story in-between.

Scratching my head and munching on chocolate I wondered just why we tend to accelerate everything in life?

The information we receive is so fast; I can’t remember the last time I actually wrote a letter. Shopping couldn’t be easier, one click and the merchandise arrives at your doorstep and as a girlfriend of mine joked, dating websites are equivalent to grocery shopping – He’s cute? Does he fit the bill? Put him in the love cart. Then there is social media, which at times can be our worst relationship nightmare, from getting to know someone, to having unwanted opinions, ex-lovers magically popping into the picture, pre-judgments or simple happy cheer. ‘Yahoo! You found love, lets get on FB and change your relationship status.’

No wonder relationships are hard work, not only do you have to cultivate an internal inquisition discovering homogeneous or divergent characteristics between two people that truly like one another, you have to manage and filter what the rest of the world can see, or simply turn it off. Hit stop. There’s just too much noise. So here I am flailing my chocolate smeared hands jumping up and down saying, leave boy and girl alone!

It’s hard to figure it all out and find serenity between two people. It’s truly like standing still whilst the entire world flutters about you impatiently, moving forwards, innovatively updating itself before you’ve even had a chance to get used to the latest software. That’s why it’s important to break off that fast forward button. That’s right. Kick it and just flow. Who knows, you may even realize that you’re right in front of someone you want to stand still with.

FYI: Boy and girl seemed to find a little boat that had had a compass, the really old kind. With that, and a placid sense of direction they were able to sit down and discuss ice creams and intolerances.