Dear Stam, I love you.

Completely aware that this bag has been around for a few seasons, I’m still in love. It must be the fact that I gravitate towards anything that has glimmer and sparkle. I’m also a firm believer of the motto ‘If it looks good, then wear it’.  It doesn’t matter if it’s five years old or recent; if you can rock the look then do so!  Probabilities are you’ll encourage your friends to pull out all the old bags they adore. I’ve never been a fan of the ‘Only the current season’ philosophy. A bag is a wonderful investment and most good holdings are timeless.

I should add that I think that the Marc Jacobs Stam’s are classic. Every year new colors and textures hit the stores.

Fave Stam Moment: When the sequins and crystals ones were in the boutiques. I am sure it was Visa’s favorite moment too.

  • Ms. R

    I’m rocking a marc jacobs right now…and I’m totally with you – the whole “this season only” notion smacks of fashion victimization. Wear what you like when you want to – that’s what style is all about!