Five questions with Carolina..

Chic Carolina!

It’s always astounds me just how much social media makes the world a smaller place. Take Carolina for example, she’s a gorgeous blogger and Tweeter from a small town in the North-West of Italy. Aptly concluding that she is a ‘Citizen of the world” she transcends a refreshingly elegant sense of stylish inspiration.

Blogging is a voguish sigh of release from her job and ignites her passion for fashion, jewels and make-up. She was super sweet to contribute to my new ‘Five questions’ portion of the blog.

Accessories du jour!

How would you describe your style?

C. “My style is really very simple and classic, gravitating towards the iconic dress sense of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Rita Hayworth.”

Where you get inspiration for your blogs?

C. “My inspiration comes from the fifties. As a release from work I realized that I simply must do something that excites me and makes me feel alive. Eventually I would love to see my blog in print, showcasing new designer labels, style advice and tips but always keeping it simple and chic.”

What is the one item you cannot live without?

C. “Perfume. I am never without perfume.” *

If I were to look inside your bag what would I find?

C. “Oh my! If you looked in there you’d think I have a whole house in it! I have a few items that are in there all year long. Things like sunnies, lipstick, gloss, small perfumes, mascara, my wallet and my IPod, plus a bunch of little things that don’t make sense. ** My phone is always in my hand.” ***

Fashion fix. How can you look fantastic fast when you’re pressed for time?

C. “Pink lipstick, mascara, slip on a little black dress, put on a pair of fabulous heels or flats, add a sparkling and gorgeous bag and never forget to accessorize. Perhaps some big earrings (shown above- top photo on Carolina) a statement necklace, a cocktail ring or some tiny bracelets but never all together unless you want to look like a Christmas tree!” ****

You can find more of Carolina’s super-fun and chic style tips on her blog. Simply click here.

All photos courtesy of Carolina.

*Perfume is a staple! I admit I have mini ones in my car, my bag, the doorway. I’m happily a hopeless addict.

** I once found a toy helicopter and a mini screwdriver set in mine

***Every single fab diva has a item infused handbag and phone always in hand, that’s      just how fab gals roll.

**** Really. Don’t do it.

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    bellissima! Carolina is just the cutest!! xoxo

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    Love it.