Tea with me?

“Overwhelmed” is the word most often used when one of my fab friends open a kitchen cupboard that houses all my teas. I suppose tea-collecting is the drink equivalent of my shoe purchases. You name the flavour and I probably have it, putting some reputable institutions to shame along with my tea-pots and pretty little cups that don’t necessarily have to match (there is definitely a fashion in that). Silver pots? So yesterday!

Enjoying tea with the people I adore is what makes the ritual so much fun! Everyone has a different tea-cup personality with a distinct palette for aromas and flavours that they love. I’m not sure if it’s the tradition of the tea-rituals, its accoutrements and mini pastries that lure me to brew a hand-painted pot or just the simple fact that it brings my nearest and dearest together. These are the lovely moments in life where I get to bond with my friends, laugh, share stories, all over a fabulous pot of tea!

Fave tea du jour: Kusmi’s Chocolate Mint tea – deliciously divine!

* For S and R my lovely tea-drinking Diva’s

  • Ms. R

    *blush* many thanks for the dedication, lovely! As a fellow teaholic, this post made me grin from ear to ear…and now I’m craving tea!! ?

  • S

    It’s not only the tea ritual that’s amazing, it’s also the fab company. Loving the dedication. Can’t wait to brew our next pot!