Why hello darlin’

Yes, it’s early. Very early to go fall shoe shopping but I’m one of those gals that has to have everything a season in advance. Besides, (self justification here) my sizes are gone the moment fall hits. Who am I kidding? I shop for winter in the summer, but that’s just what any fashionista with years of design in her glittery pockets would do.  Now just look at that stiletto bootie. (Look up) I’ll give you a moment to revel. I bought these in the middle of a heatwave, that’s just how much I was enamoured with them. Sometimes a pair of heels just pick you and you can’t help but choose them back. Crazy? Sure. There’s no explaining stiletto love.

  • Nicholas

    I love your writing. The booties are hot and I am sure you look stunning in them as with everything else you choose to wear. Have a great one Hun! Talk soon!

  • Hello my beauty!
    Don’t know you make those beautiful jewels <3 Congratulations!
    Happy to be able to finally look at your site! And very happy to have met you through Twitter!
    Bisous ma cherie