This month’s flavour

You know that you love an item when you keep wearing it over and over again. In my case, well, there’s a whole lot of love, for a whole lot of accessories and this month I have truly done justice to some fabulous ones. I know I snuck perfume in there but I just had to! I bought this pretty bottle in the Arabian Oud store on the Champs-Élysées in Paris and a little dab goes a long way.

Sometimes it’s just the memory of something that makes me super happy, like the scarf I picked up in an alleyway in Notre Dame (shown above) while my girlfriend was trying to buy a shawarma. (Which she soon forgot about when she saw a scarf she liked – accessories over food! Yeah!)  The past week I had fun carrying around a jeweled clutch that I made for myself some time back. I love clutches for the daytime- all they need in them are the important things, like credit cards and credit cards.

I asked some of my friends to show me their fave accessories for the month and some are so fabulous I just may have to feature them on the blog!

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    Loving the Hermes belt. Oooo la la – c’est tres chic Mademoiselle Mir 😉