I admit, I’m just like any other woman when it comes to make-up. I love it! Once in a while, I’ll purchase a really fabulous lipstick as a little indulgence for the day. It’s like having a new look without breaking the bank. Don’t get what I mean? Ok, imagine that little black dress hanging in your closet (hopefully every fab gal has this stylish staple hanging in her wardrobe), now picture pairing that dress with some glam pumps, and a bright coloured lipstick. It’s worked for me, a plain but good fitting dress with just a pop of lip colour has instantly changed how the dress looks. Then, of-course I accessorize it with my designs and I’m ready to go!

If bright colours aren’t necessarily your thing, try a lighter or sheer version of a darker colour. Most make up brands will always offer that option. YSL makes fantastic sheers! Fave lipstick at the moment: Tom Ford (shown above)

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    TF is fabulous when it comes to lipstick. Still have mine plus additional supplies. 😉