In with the old

The other day I was rummaging through my handbag collection and noticed that I have many pieces from ten years ago and I never wear them. What’s the point of buying beautiful handbags only to ignore them after a few seasons? I admit, I am not an ardent fan of sending a purse to the island of ‘not this season’. If you love it, wear it! You don’t always have to concur with the present season. That’s why I love vintage bags so much (or any bag really). I have an embroidered one from my grandmother that is so lovely to carry in the day or night, and some from when my mother was in her Dior disco days! Each bag tells a story, I know mine do and it’s so much fun to pull out a handbag from a few years ago and give it a round on your arm.

Discard the age-old notion that you have to have the ‘It’ bag, or the bag of the season. Yes, it’s nice, but if you have great ones in your closet use them! Besides, most of these bags are usually coveted years after. I have a friend who was frantically looking for a pink sequined Fendi Baguette that Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex and The City and when she finally found it she wore it and worked it! It doesn’t matter if its ten years old or three, if you have a great sense of personal style everything will look good and you can make the old look fabulously stylish.