Old Jewelry, new ideas…

Fab ways to display my designs!

Storing jewelry has always been problematic for me. I usually have pieces in my drawers, my closet and even some that I flippantly toss on my coffee table, followed by a frenzy some time after, looking for a particular necklace or bracelet. Then one day as I was serving tea to a girlfriend of mine I stared in fascination at a three-tiered platter that housed some delicious brownies.  It was one of those moments where I proclaim in my head ‘I have another silly but functional idea’. Of-course, I had to eat all the brownies before I used the stand for displaying my jewelry in a super fun manner. Now, I have all my jewels on a platter!

Tip: Start looking at storage in a stylish way, old teacups from a broken set can be used for storing bits of jewelry as well as little plates, and bowls. Functional and fabulous!