Cutting up the LV..

Ok, so it sounds crazy that I would actually cut and paste Louis Vuitton, but I did!  So, here’s what happened. I had a yellow monogram LV bag that suffered from colour transfer and it was hanging dismally in my closet for years. Finally I decided to do something about it and wondered what I could do to hide the non-removeable stain (nothing worked). I rummaged around my drawers and found a LV belt from some seasons ago and took the bold step to cut it. It had these pretty little flowers on it and I never really wore it. Wincing as I made my first cut I hoped this would work. Calculating all the probabilities in my head I whipped out the epoxy and with precision I glued.

A few hours later……Ta-da!!! It worked. I had a brand new bag, all LV and much prettier. I tied a scarf around it and it’s now my bag of the week. So fun!

  • Shae Barot

    Love it Min!!! That’s you. Ms Creative! It’s looking fabulous. Pssstt…. Remember to pass it to me when you’re done…. Lol????