Look. I just know. Ok? Try my magic cookie.

It’s always plaguing when you’re told that there are limited possibilities in terms of what you want to achieve. There are looks of disbelief and laughter when you explain your creative ideas to loved ones, at least there have been in my experiences. The more determined you are, the more doors seem to close. Ever had that happen to you? It’s happened to me on more than one occasion and that’s mainly because I chose to follow my dreams instead of picking pretty colored job-option straws out of a box of professions.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with pre-selected careers if that’s what you want, and those are your goals. That’s not what I want, and those are not my goals, so why the heck can’t my loved ones get that? Sure they want me to be wise, safe, smart and all the other synonyms to that extent. I know for a fact that they will never tell me to jump right into a big dream of mine and give me a giant welcome basket full of faith, jars of assurance and a can of pickled hugs. That’s ok. It really is. At first, it’s a little disappointing when the people you love fail to understand that following worthy dreams are important, but if you really have that fuel to pursue your passion, you eventually realize that it’s completely fine if you can’t have a room of people cheering you on. When you know yourself well enough to know that you have abundant faith in your abilities, whether one person or nine agree or disagree, it won’t matter anymore. That’s when you know you’re on the right track. I also believe that rejection is the greatest motivator and after all, why shouldn’t there be rejection? People have differing opinions and not everyone is going to love all that you do (of-course they’re crazy) but here’s the good news, if you are consistent and persistent, someone will! Sing the mantra over and over in your head. ‘I’m consistent and persistent! La dee da’. Make up a little dance for it if you want.

In front of the large fancy oven of life, it’s always terrific to have people help mix the ingredients, sing and bake with you, but sometimes that’s not always the case. This is why I came up with the magic cookie recipe and like the saying goes ‘you are what you eat,’ you’re the cookie. Get where I’m going with this? If not, just keep reading and if you do, treat yourself to some chocolate chips.

Magic cookie recipe.

Let’s bake, shall we?

Let me start by telling you that everything is in the dough, which determines how sensational your cookie will be. The dough is you. That’s why people call you a tough cookie; that’s your base for it all incase you didn’t get that earlier. All the happiness, your perseverance, your chocolate chip earplugs to block out unwanted negative words that are sprinkled your way, all of that, influences how well you will do along with some magic ingredients.

The ingredients for this cookie are fabulously simple, so get out your spatula!

Ingredient 1. Gratitude: Add lots and lots of this with some of your magic baking powder. Without gratitude your dough will never raise and it’s quite a probability that no one will want a flat, insipid cookie. No matter what your current situation, if you aren’t thankful for all that you have, even if you think it can be more, you will always be stuck in that situation. So be grateful for everything. Everything!!!

Ingredient 2. Kindness. Sweetness and kindness go hand in hand. Those tasty sweet chocolate chips really make the cookie. Regardless of how frustrated you are, always be kind to those around you. When the kitchen gets messy, you’re flustered with ingredients all over the place and are on the verge of screaming, you need to remember to be kind. Not just to yourself but also to all of those wonderful helping hands around you. In the midst of chaos, help others, give cookies away and stay as sweet as those chocolate chips.

Ingredient 3.  Positivity. You are going to be in front of the large baking oven of life, and when the heat is on it will be challenging to keep your cool, otherwise you will get burnt. I know, I have spewed out the obvious cliché quite aptly but it’s so true. Positivity is like a battery for your soul. Get out your charger to keep recharging those batteries of enthusiasm, encouraging your skeptical on-lookers along the way.

Ingredient 4. Determination. You’ll need a few huge cups. It’s likely that your first batches of cookies are going to need improvement. Even when you’re ready to throw in your oven mitts, look over all the hard work you have accomplished and be proud that you had the guts to start and keep going because you love what you do.

Ingredient 5. Patience. Self -explanatory. I struggle with this all the time. Partner it with determination and there might just be some chemistry.

Ingredient 6. Confidence. Your belief in yourself and your talented abilities will enable you to conquer any situation or obstacle. Confidence stems from loving what you do and truly believing that you can and will do it. When the oven does get hot it can mean people will tell you that your cookie sucks, that it’s tasteless, no one will want it and that you’re wasting your time with all this baking. Ask your self this question immediately. ‘Am I willing to be poor to do what I love? Do I love it that damn much?’ If you said yes, then baby, turn up that oven and keep on baking!

A few years ago I never thought that my current situation was at all possible but once I got those cogs turning in my mind and initiated the way I would like my life to be, my situation began to shift. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve what it is that you want to do, the only person that knows your true capabilities is you. Be like a non-stick baking tray never letting anything stick. Yah! You’re Teflon! If you are faced with negativity think of it as an ingredient that won’t work with your recipe. Say thank you and move on. What have you got to lose? Start baking! Your recipe may be so delicious that you may just inspire others to bake some of their own magic cookies.

For Nan. Never give up.