Building the inner wardrobe

Most of us are in constant exploration when it comes to what we wear. Our style changes through the decades, some unfortunately are still stuck in the eighties, no offense to my neighbor with the perky mullet. We are continuously re-inventing ourselves through what we wear. One day it occurred to me that the inner wardrobe needs a makeover and some organization too. Sounds strange but it’s the outfits we wear on the inside that are the ones we neglect the most. Looking around my stuffed closet, literally ready to pop and explode at the slightest prod I wondered if my metaphorical insides looked as unorganized as my outside ones? Did I need all this stuff? Or did I need the basics because that’s pretty much what I reach for on a daily basis. I deliberated if my insides required just the essentials to function as well.

I began a little experiment, based on the accumulation of ‘stuff’ and grievances in my life and began to sort through my closet. What I love about this exercise is that I envisioned the most glam wardrobe for myself internally. Mirrors, pink walls, the works!  I mean this is what we carry around with us wherever we go, I gather if I am well adorned on the interior it’s bound to seep through me and benefit what’s on the exterior. So here I was, sorting through heaps of fabric, literally having a cathartic moment. Getting rid of bags and bags of clothing and seeing things that I had forgotten I had purchased was nauseating and made me wonder if this is how I decorated myself spiritually. I never even gave some of these garments a chance to be worn and here I was tossing them in the black bag of fashion oblivion.

I realized that there was a clear distinction of my feelings associated with what I purchased.  There were definitely more sweaters when I was feeling hurt, pretty dresses when I was feeling loved, shoes, well shoes are completely justifiable to me so lets just skip that part. Tops when I was feeling adventurous, short skirts when I was rebelling, which reminded me that most people didn’t protest when I rebelled. You get what I mean right? All hot and bothered as I was surrounded by a sea of clothes, trying each and every garment on I kept asking myself why was I doing this? It was really self-torture to the point that if I ever saw a store again I would scream, cover my eyes and run in the opposite direction. I thought about it for a moment, sniffing into a tissue overwhelmed and phone in hand for emergency inter-friendtion. None of this stuff defined who I was.

Simple. Easy. Wow.

What a mess to make to realize that. I’m not saying don’t shop, oh no no, especially when it comes to shoes. I’m simply stating that ‘things’ don’t define us, nor does our profession; it’s all fluff.  Now the mind will argue with you here, and rightfully so, that’s it’s job and it brings the ego with it, but your soul, the awareness that is always eminent within you, will tell you that YOU define you.

Organize that for a second…take two seconds more.

We are a consumer-based society, there is so much ‘stuff’ thrown our way and for the most part we tend to get consumed in some fashion of it. It could be clothing, food, baking equipment, sports stuff, tools, and the list drones on. There’s nothing wrong with it but during this entire process we forget to see, well most of us – if you’ve already mastered spiritual enlightenment then read this just for fun, even nodding in agreement. Where was I? Ah yes, most of us forget to see what we are acquiring for the inside. I suggest an imaginary vacuum, sucking out our preconceived notions about what the human being needs and wants. Everything we require for our spiritual wardrobe is already housed within. So if you are travelling to some far off destination to go and find yourself let me save you the trip. Look inside. If you have the luxury of time to saunter off into distant lands to gain the perspective you need then it’s a great way of exploring your depth, but you can do it all here and now. Just take some quiet time, meditate. Find your center. You’ll close your eyes and see a closet full of hangers all ready and waiting for you. Hangers that house garments of: Gratitude, humility, compassion, kindness, love, awareness, adventure, and so many more. I just happened to find my way to my core through the process of cleaning out my closet, everyone has a different method. Is it easy? Yes and no. You have to be willing to let go of the limitations you put on yourself, and change your inner dialogue. You need to say to yourself that you will try, even a little to take some time out and quiet your mind. Guard it even. I have a good friend that keeps telling me “Guard your mind” I never quite fully understood what it meant until I dove deeper into it. It essentially means you have the power to control the outcomes of your thoughts and how they merge with the inner workings of your soul.

So now I look at the pretty dresses on my internal hangers; one of my favorites is humility. I tend to repeat that one a lot in my blogs, as well as gratitude, but they’re my favorite inner garments, I put them on every day. I’m no saint, there are times when I would like to just throw them down and slip on a sultry dress of resentment but every time I do that I realize that I walk a little further away from myself in doing so. My favorite hanger, houses my favorite outfit. Now this one takes some time to get into. I try to squeeze into it now and then and sometimes the fabric gives just long enough for me to do a little twirl before it threatens to rip at the seams. It pleads with me to drop some of those extra pounds of doubt and occasional fear and says that I can twirl all I want when I can fit into the dress. I’ve been searching for this unique garment all of my life, the fabric of bliss the garment of Nirvana, and have discovered that it’s been hanging in my wardrobe all along.

What are your inner wardrobe essentials? Let’s dress up how we feel inside and just like a mirror that is what others and we will inevitably see and feel on the outside. Your interior will always represent your exterior and that is how your energy is transformed and able to empower others to investigate their internal closet.

Sort that and you will be closer to your soul than you have ever been.

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