VGG (very girly-girl) and proud.

Embracing the dominion of femininity is not a bad thing, nor does there have to be an occasion for it. There, I’ve said it. Now there’s an elephant in the room, preferably a pink one. This is not for the power feminist and your eyes may be blazed with glitter so continue reading at your own peril. Here we go.

I love make-up, high heels, pretty dresses and anything that sparkles. On one of my four dressers are beautiful pots of creams, lotions and accessories. I am my own apothecary of feminine embellishments. The love for anything super-girly doesn’t stop there, it pours like a shimmering liquid into my kitchen and overflows into hand-painted plates, platters, utensils, beautiful drinking glasses, each one different and unique.

I’ve always vacationed with the notion that life is one large Bohemian picnic. It is well established among my circle of friends that I do have that joie de vivre ruffle in the hair and have mastered the art to live well, at least to my own standards.  There is a vitality and credence to treat oneself kindly, therefore your porcelain cup runneth over and overflow for others to be the recipients of that infectious warmth that is generated. It’s a lovely exchange of serotonins dancing in the glazed package of your own self -respect and worth.

At first blush the full on girlieness is strange to some women. Using my own example, I dress for myself, no one else. There is a beauty in knowing that whatever I adorn myself with is for my sole pleasure. Although I get a glance now and then, whilst running errands in some fabulous heels and a pretty outfit – almost like a zoo animal being inspected with great care. I shrug my shoulders and revel in my celebration for all things feminine. I found delicious comfort in Paris this spring where to be a woman is revered. If one was to stand silently on the Avenue Montaigne and draw in the history of designers that have left their invisible footprints on the pavement, creating antiquity, a silent confirmation is loosely translated. It whispers in light cadence ‘Liberate your right to love the woman that dwells within, let her dance however she desires seductively flashing her wiles and heart. Toss the lightly scented bouquet of desire and encompass it.’

Sometimes there is no reason required to bring out a dress you love to wear, or a pair of spectacular heels. Why is it that there has to be an occasion to be at your best? Why not attempt to achieve that daily? I am not saying to disrespect the environment that you are in, be it your workplace or the simple places you go, I am simply stating that it’s ok to be feminine. That does not mean wearing the most gravity-defying bra and giving a certain country singer with fairly large endowments a run for her money, or giving a pair of false lashes a go and they wind up sticking on the first person you hug. It means knowing you have innate grace tangled in some serious girl power. Yes, girl power. I literally roll my eyes at women that struggle to be equivalent to a man. I’m not talking about wages and workplace benefits. Its more the ‘I can do everything you can do’. We probably can, but in heels.

Here’s the conundrum, how can we claim for equality with the opposite sex when we are life bearing creatures giving life to the very man that we struggle to hold as an equal? Why repress what we are genetically entitled to embrace? Embracing it automatically generates a different kind of equality, a hierarchy even. There is a natural power that resonates at the core of every woman. The clever ones know how to bring it forth and adorn themselves with it, creating a magnetic effect. Ever hear a man say ‘There’s just something about her. I can’t place my finger on it?”

I can.

It’s realizing your dominance as a woman, there’s a real force there, and it’s mighty, so mighty that if you took it out for a trial run it would knock down ten men in a nanosecond. But ladies, with power, comes responsibility.

A man I know that has experience with this kind of woman has carefully stated that there is a personal accountability with this kind of force. “It can be destructive if not utilized in the correct manner. A woman can destroy a man” he shakes his head in awe “At the same time she can conquer his soul and hold reign, and even better he will just hand it to her. It can be handed in a blanket of simplicity, so delicately. That’s some serious power and not many people understand it”. I reckon this gentleman has had the apple of desire and femininity tossed at him in the most flippant of manners that he couldn’t help but catch it. He claims to know it was coming, since he loves apples and was well aware of its potent allure.

There is no trick here, no master plan of entrapment and seduction. Either you’ve tapped into it or not, there’s no question of if you’ve got it or not because you do, all of us have it. This is a simmering pot of unpretentious beauty, ready to overflow. You tip the pot. What should happen is a natural aura around you, that speaks before you enter a room, it speaks volumes that you are indeed a woman, with a steel interior if need be, but delicate in a drop of a hat. It tells you that you are a complicated, alluring being, one that is able to master both the masculine and feminine. No one needs to tell you who you are, you already know and everyone understands, without words.

That’s the real power. That’s what makes the transition of mastering your femininity as a true art; it becomes a way of living.

  • CQ

    Amazing piece. I know how important this, and I can say without reservation that men are lucky to have women in the world like you! Keep writing, I love it!