Igniting The Candle

Every so often, man finds himself buried deep in his encumbrances and grievances of the present, past and uncertain future. Lingering remnants of self-doubt float into the surface of our conscious stream of thought, allowing an honest reevaluation of our persona. Every single being that has roamed this earth has encountered unpredicted meetings with their memory banks overflowing with moments which, at some point, led us astray from our personal and spiritual ambitions.

It is easy to get caught up in the devotional quest for answers, answers to questions that conceivably give us the fuel to drive forwards, posing a conundrum: Are the answers really the fuel? Or are we? Even more simplified, sometimes we are not going to get the answer when we are the answer.

We have the power to dispel our darkness, create our own circumstances and ultimately get over the past and myriad of grievances that impact our actions today. How? Simply by realizing that we have all the resolutions at our resources, and that they are within us, like the curious archaeologist dusting of remnants and excavating them out. The past does not make us who we are today; we give it too much credit as we do our bad experiences. At best, the past is a gentle reminder of where memories lay buried. If you want success or change with a fierce ravenousness, then go for it. Sounds disturbingly uncomplicated, but it really is all about a shift of thoughts.

Our achievements, ideally, should equal our personal ambitions. I believe struggle is good, difficulty is good and reaffirms the faith that through these processes we encompass the inner flashlight to brighten at our will, yes at our will, whatever twilight we encounter. Too often time is wasted plowing the fields of our minds, selecting the roots that have cultivated and created our present circumstances, with the dilemma to let them fester or to pull them out. Those circumstances can easily change, depending solely on our willingness to let them.

Begin to repudiate the lint-covered fallacies that in order to progress through life we require an epiphany, when what we really need is to have a better understanding of the fabric of our soul. As each thread unravels, we discover another layer of ourselves and realize that we more than often get caught up in the art of living, rather than just living itself.

  • Anon

    Absolutely true. I look forward to your posts, so enlightening! More people ought to read, especially your work.