Wealth Redefined

We’ve all heard the monetary terminologies that have defined our pre-conditioned notions on what wealth means to each and every one of us. Stating the obvious and clichéd I presumptuously arrive at the logical conclusion that it contains divergent variables to different individuals.

The first forgivable pedestrian notion that comes to the forefront when the thought bubble of wealth floats overhead is the very means to acquire it. Then the ‘How to’s’ and ‘how much’ will satisfy, strongly follow suit. After that there is the usual gamut of acquisitions varying on the need, desire and passion of the individual in direct proportion of his or her aspirations, necessities and dreams.

In avoidance of overgeneralization it is safe to say that never has a word acquired such a strong desirability and an overload of suitors and admirers.

Always a person in constant question, my thoughts linger on the tantalizing possibility and observation that authentic wealth has an entirely different meaning composed of a wholly contrasting concept. Not only that, it contains two variables, both the acquisitive and spiritual which are harmonically synonymous with one another and ultimately one cannot exist without the other.

In my personal opinion the ardent chase for material wealth is like running on a treadmill with no end in sight, and while it’s easy to be caught in the actual ‘run’ of it, eventually the sheer fatigue will wear you down. That’s not to say you won’t acquire a sizeable amount of it on the gallop, but to define and measure your personal worth through simple currency is not enough to fill your metaphorical belly with spiritual calories.

Which leads to my next point: The magical combination of two variables that coexist with one another in harmony. It’s really quite simple, the monetary currency flows into your life when you understand the ebbs and flow of your life, and begin to incorporate that into your entire being.

True wealth isn’t a laundry list of all that you have saved, bought, spent, earned and can show to the world, no matter how honorable your profession. It is a balance of spirituality, compassion; kindness and liberation of the goodness that echo’s and wants to be heard within you and above all, the constant awareness of gratitude for all that has entered in your life.

It means to live life with the conscious effort of unmasked thoughts and kindness without expected reciprocation towards all those around you. Once that energy flows through your being, this inner happiness is inevitably accompanied by good health, abundance and anything you can possibly imagine.

It has been scientifically proven that positive thoughts affect the cellular structures of our biochemistry. Everything is within. This is true wealth.  This is the kind of treasure that makes the run on the treadmill look like a sheer waste and nothing but an unsatisfied hunger.  True wealth is that which brims your soul, it reveals a sense of fullness and internal satisfaction enveloped in layers and layers of unrevealed bliss. Each and every one of us has entitlement to it.

For myself, it is a harmonic symphony of the soul and my actions to bring it forth are indeed an orchestra.


  • Darren

    For someone that takes the time to read this treasure, it is obvious that you have a love affair with the English language. Your command of the words and formations leave me speechless. You are absolutely correct and really hit the nail on the head.
    Your fan.