In the company of greatness…..

I find myself on an arcane island, which lends itself to the mighty forces of the very essence that nature is comprised of. The nature that inhabits our universe and the nature that resides within the individual. This island houses not only the elements but the tools which lead us to spiritual awakening.  Simply put, the ability to dwell within our pure selves and find the jagged facets that compose our very being, to recognize them, to learn about the great power of utilizing them, to harness the energy of love and let it emit through us, because it is there, and the magnitude of it is so very grand how could we not release it and see the miracles that it brings forth?

Looking into the vastness of my friend the ocean, I wiggle my toes in the sand, watching as the sun argues with the peeping moon, begging for ten more minutes. On my left sits Destiny, he sits there peacefully, staring at the majestic transformation from daylight into a luminous evening. On my far right sits Fate, she meditates in silence letting the wind dance around her catching the intervals of the sultry setting sun, occasionally warming her shoulders. Playing with the incoming tides in front of me was Love, I watch as he mischievously kicks the dancing waves and laughs with glee as they bounce back with full force.

Death somberly looms in the depths of the formulating dark clouds above periodically dipping his head down to smile at the ocean that moves around with vigor, politely requesting the winds to give her weary tides a rest.

At this moment, sitting in the great center of an extraordinary environment, I felt a little irresolute. I am a traveler dwelling in a resting place of fathomless knowledge, as other men before me had faced the same uncertainty as they travelled through this Shangri-La of the soul, I wondered if they had encountered my dilemma.  I had answers to questions that kept rearranging themselves.

No matter how much I looked inwards and tried to define the essence of my being, I struggled to maintain a stable equilibrium. Was the conscious awareness of the struggle a means to finding balance?

Just then, Love walked towards me with a beaming smile and placed his sand filled hand on my shoulder. He leaned down and simply said “immerse yourself in me, and I will immerse myself in you” and dusted off the little grains of sand from my shoulder as he walked away.

Destiny calmly looked at me as he lovingly slipped his hands into Fate’s. Gently nudging her to make her way he told me “I am with you, I give you both the questions and the answers, ”To which Fate replied, “I am with you, and I rearrange both the questions and the answers”. I looked into her beautiful face as she ran her smooth hand across my cheek and kissed my forehead.

As Destiny and Fate walked into the dimming horizon hand in hand, Death hovered above me. “I am neither here nor there, sometimes I dine with Karma, sometimes I sleep with Luck, Time and I have regular heated debates, but for the most part I walk side by side with Circumstance, she always keeps me on my toes. Sometimes the answer lies in the question and the question lies in the answer”.

I sit back on the sand, collecting my thoughts and listen to the gentle snore of the sleeping ocean. I can almost hear her yawn and stretch out sleepily as she notices me sitting on her cashmere sand.She peacefully looks at me and asks me to pick up a handful of sand and let it seep though my fingers and as it does so she whispers to me in a languid voice.

The grains of sand on my shore are synonymous of individuals and their energy when combined. They form a surface where people can rest their souls. Whether you spell ‘soul’ or ‘soles’ the underlying base is the combined effort of independent fragments creating a firm planting or rooting. They must come together in harmony in order to create a place where the soul can find balance.

If you have a handful of sand, it seeps right through your fingers, if you have acres of sand it creates a beach where our bodies can rest and reap the benefits of the wondrous surroundings. The same is to be said of the right energy that harnesses through your body. One answer to one question will never complete the spiritual equation; you must allow yourself the time and patience to explore the combined experiences in your life, which led you here. You are surrounded by the great keys, which unlock the secrets of our universe or spiritual platform. What you are not aware of is that all the great keys are within you, a part of you, that you do not need to be here on this beach with its acres and acres of sand. The complete base resides within you, those are your answers and those are your questions and the more they rearrange, the firmer your base will become, forcing you to always have steadiness.”

I felt tears form in my eyes as I waved goodnight to the ocean, filled with gratitude as I lingered just a while longer on her grand beach. Walking slowly, barefoot in the sand I began my timeless journey, accompanied harmoniously by ever changing questions, and by ever changing answers.

  • Anonymous

    I hold my glass of sand up and cheers to you.
    Heartfully felt.
    ~ Nan

  • Anonymous

    Heart filled,deep,beautifully written.
    "Friendship is a furrow in the sand"


  • Anonymous

    Amazing Minelle! Love the way emotions intertwine with earth, water and the sun. Certainly took me to a different place full of depth and thought.
    Look forward to the next post.

    😉 Nadu