From behind the mirror.

I sit, as a writer for the paper of the Universe. I run to my laptop with the same anxiety and exhilaration as that of a glowing woman running to her lover’s warm bed, wanting to express her desire over and over again. Needless to say I have a love affair with the Universe and all of its delicate revelations to me.

The journey into ourselves begins inward, behind the mirror we create for the outside world. The one which houses our innermost desires, and at some subconscious level we know can be attained, but do not dwell on its infinite possibility because of the fear to leap with faith.

We catch a glimpse of what lies behind during events that are difficult, and through that emerges a clearer silhouette of who we are becoming. Yet, at some point, this silhouette merges into our conscious stream of awareness and disappears behind reasonable rationalization of thought.

In moments that are still, and time is of no substance, if we dwell in the simplest of pleasures our existence has to offer, our emotions stir into the gentle pot of the universe and overflow. It is there that we can catch sight of and even hold on to what is truly divine within us.  It is there that we can acknowledge that there isn’t anything we cannot have or attain, that the only limitations are our own thoughts.

If we look up at the sky on a clear night sprinkled with stars, it is an obvious revelation that so much transpires beyond our comprehension. On some level we understand what the sky whispers to us but cannot be confined by words. There is something much more substantial that we are all connected to, this greatness helps us achieve the things our outer mirror does not deem possible. It offers ever so humbly a plate of unbounded possibility and all we have to do is believe that we can reach out and take from that plate. That we already have what we desire, that we don’t have to be bound by our own conceived barriers. That is what lies behind the mirror. That is what I have discovered behind mine.

  • Anonymous

    I just love the way you write!!!! Insightful and fantastic!
    Lilly Hallen

  • Anonymous

    Dear Min,

    You are a beautiful, articulate writer.
    It brought tears to my eyes, reading
    what you wrote..You inspire me!!!


  • Anonymous

    Inspirational. Beautiful juxtaposition of the english language.