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First Vid..eeeeeek!

I cringe from being filmed, some people make it look so easy but I struggle with that. Still, I decided to conquer my fear…


Matchy Matchy? Never.

“What is going on with your socks?” My sister looked at me quizzically as I trotted into the kitchen and sat down for breakfast….


An evening with Yves….

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent His legendary pantsuits made women look more feminine than masculine during the feminist revolution and their androgyny made women even…


Mean girls.

Spiritual pink prize ribbons for tolerance. She was a mean girl no doubt. There she sat, with her one leg up driving, waving a…


My kind of stud

No, not that kind of stud because when it comes to footwear there could be the hottest eye-candy in front of me and I…